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Karen Boe Gatlin

Cold Medicine Warning: Do not Administer to Children Under Four Years of Age

Attention, parents: Don’t give your children under 4 over-the-counter cough and cold medicines, and read the fine print on labels, say makers of such remedies who have been under pressure to…

Donald A. Caminiti

Is Big Pharma getting too cozy with doctors?

Well respected members of the medical community are increasingly calling on their colleagues to quell the influence of big pharma in research and prescribing practices. In recent months, top medical…

Karen Boe Gatlin

New Drug may Offer Hope for Alzheimer's Patients

The incidence of Alzheimer’s Disease is growing as the population of the United States is aging. A new drug, Rember, may slow or even halt the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease, a disease which affects…

Donald A. Caminiti

Vytorin fails test

In a recent SEAS study, it was determined that the cholesterol reducing drug, Vytorin, did not prevent worsening of heart valve disease or lower the need for valve surgery.
Preliminary results…

Karen Boe Gatlin

Heart Medication Recall

Many patients with heart failure take Digoxin to improve their heart function. One medication, Digitek, whose main ingredient is Digoxin, is produced in New Jersey by Activis, and marketed as…

Karen Boe Gatlin

HPV Vaccine: Safe?

Over a year ago, the FDA approved GARDASIL for use as a vaccine against human papilloma virus (HPV). HPV is a virus thought to cause cervical cancer, and the FDA recommended vaccinating young…

Donald A. Caminiti

Rankings Fault Medical Schools for Corporate Influence

A new ranking of medical schools has concluded that the influence of pharmaceutical companies and medical device makers is extensive on the majority of campuses. The rankings,…