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Northeast Storms Highlight Importance of Winter Property Maintenance

During the winter months, many of us look forward to the first snowfall. Aside from snow’s beauty, both adults and children enjoy winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling and ice…

Donald A. Caminiti

What the "puck's" happening?

Hockey spectators beware! The New Jersey Supreme Court ruled in a recent case that a hockey venue has no duty to warn or protect spectators of danger of injury from errant hockey pucks. The court…

Chrissie Cole

Man Awarded $1M in Restaurant Slip-and-Fall

A negligence claim for a slip and fall accident was settled, Friday, against a Belvedere restaurant. A jury awarded the Boone County man $1 million and his wife $75,000.On August 7,2006, the man, who suffers from a disease that makes his bones prone to fractures, slipped and fell while leaving the Steam Plant Restaurant.The fell was caused by a wet floor that he didn’t know was wet due to the…