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Carter Corriston, Jr.

What if my employer denies I was hurt at work and am not receiving any money?

Unfortunately, employers and their insurance carriers refuse to provide benefits for work related injuries, including lost pay due to an injury at work. When this happens you have the option of filing for State Disability but there are pitfalls that you must navigate.

Carter Corriston, Jr.

Coming and Going Rule

What happens if I am injured on the way to work? Generally, unless you have arrived to your place of employment you will not be eligible to collect under workers compensation for injuries you suffer. This issue often is when are you deemed to have arrived at work. Certainly if your company has parking on the premises the minute you enter the lot you would be deemed to have arrived. Or if you…

Carter Corriston, Jr.

Empoyee's Right to Treatment for Injuries

Workers who are injured while working must report the injury to their employer, as soon as practical, and follow the employer’s directions for treatment, this includes the physicians who are authorized to treat the worker. This usually means the directions of the employer’s insurance carrier but not always. Some employers, like hospitals, may direct the treatment on their own. An employee may…

Carter Corriston, Jr.

Rates of compensation for full and Part Time employees

Workers who are injured while at the workplace become eligible for payment for lost income if the injury prevents them form working in accordance with New Jersey Workers Compensation laws. The rate of compensation is 70% of the worker’s actual wage subject to statutory minimums and maximums, which are adjusted yearly. Part time employee who may be unable to perform work for other employers…

Chrissie Cole

U.S. Nonfatal Workplace Injuries Lowest Since 72'

A new report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows the lowest rates in workplace injuries and illnesses since they began collecting data in 1972. In 2006, private industry rates were at its lowest since the launch of BLS. Rates have dropped 4.6 cases per 100 workers in 2005 to 4.4 cases in 2006.In 2005, manufacturing sector of good-producing industries had an especially lower…