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New Drug may Offer Hope for Alzheimer's Patients

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The incidence of Alzheimer’s Disease is growing as the population of the United States is aging. A new drug, Rember, may slow or even halt the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease, a disease which affects millions of Americans and their caregivers. The diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease strikes fear in the hearts of patients because it not only affects daily functioning, but robs patients of their memories, of their thoughts, of their very selves. Drugs presently in use treat the symptoms of the disease, but not the cause. Rember destroys the protein which attacks the brains of Alzheimer patients by causing tangles in the nerve cells of the brain. Rember can dissolve the tangles.

Methylene blue, which has been used for years to treat chronic bladder infections, is one of the main chemicals in Rember. The drug is not yet available and must undergo further testing and development before it may be available for use. Researchers are very hopeful that Rember will significantly improve the lives of millions of patients who suffer from the disease.