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Medical Malpractice – "Dr. Creepy" and his tattoos

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A Pennsauken woman has filed suit in Camden County Superior Court against her orthopedic surgeon, who – after performing successful surgery on her herniated disc – left a washable tattoo on her belly, below the panty line, while she was still under anesthesia at Virtua Memorial Hospital in Burlington County. The patient and her husband say they discovered the red rose the next morning while he was helping her dress to leave the hospital. Dr. Steven Kirshner apparently has left washable marks on previous patients as a way of lifting their spirits. Perhaps so, but in this case, it appears that “Dr. Creepy” had to lift more than just his patient’s spirits in order to apply the tattoo!

Of course, the overwhelming majority of orthopaedic surgeons are competent and caring physicians who I am sure are also concerned about their patients’ spirits following surgery. In “Dr. Creepy’s” case however, one wonders whether he exhibited similar concern for his male patients and why he could not find another more appropriate way to lift his patients’ spirits — perhaps by simply telling them that the surgery was succesful.