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Childhood Diseases Pose Greater Risks than Vaccines

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New Jersey has mandated that pre school children receive vaccines against both influenza and pneumonia, a mandate which has alarmed those parents who worry that vaccines pose a risk of harm to their children. Vaccines do pose a risk, albeit small, which is why the government has a Vaccine Injury Compensation Act to provide treatment for children injured by vaccines. The problem is that common childhood illnesses can cause severe injury and death from such complications as meningitis, and the risk of complications is far greater than the risk of injury from a vaccine. Physicians agree that society depends on “herd immunity” to protect its citizens, which means that if enough people are vaccinated against an illness, that illness will not spread through communities. They argue that those opting out of vaccines essentially allow others to take the risk for them and provide herd immunity for their children.

For more information on this subject, please refer to the section on Defective and Dangerous Products.